ZOOMBANG - Hockey Goalie shirt -ADULT LARGE

ZOOMBANG - Hockey Goalie shirt -ADULT LARGE

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7 pad goalie shirt with protection on clavicle, upper sternum, ribs, and extra pec, pads.

Protects key areas up high.

ONE of these is available.


  • It is being discounted heavily only because of its discoloration.
  • The garment and pads are in game ready order, and never worn.
  • Only the clear outside polyshield material is discolored. The protective Zoombang polymer is not

What you still get:

  • Agility and freedom of movement.
  • The best polymer on the market
  • lightweight, breathable moisture wicking garment.
  • Trusted and used by goalies everywhere.
  • Absorbs up to 90% of impact. You are protected.


"...he wears it everyday. He absolutely loves the shirt and it’s helped him with the stingers he used to get."
Feedback I get from ATs and Equipment Managers is usually some variation of that.

THE RAW POLYMER - Watch how it absorbs energy!