Team Uniforms and Apparel

    Custom Sports Team Jerseys - Swag - Corporate Apparel  We are coupled with veterans and industry leaders in sports and leisure apparel.  What this means to you ? Two things come to mind...

    First - Working with jerseys for over a decade, I've helped create countless jerseys for hundreds of teams, clubs and squads. So I know first hand, what you have in store.

    Some or all of these, but not limited to:

    • Quick turnaround. We've found faster ways.
    • Personalized attention. Info shared between us effectively can make things very easy...and quick.
    • Competitive pricing. Simple.
    • Plenty of customizable options. Maybe more than you realize.
    • Attention to detail. I will do my best to make sure we don't overlook help make the details tie up.

    I've been lucky enough to have looked after many Calgary (and beyond) rec league teams and sports organizations. I have plenty experience with hockey jerseys in particular...and will add value to your team jersey or apparel buying journey.

    Troy and a a couple of mean lookin' Green Bay Packers hockey jerseys.


    Second - This means you have access to amazing customizable options from Kobe Sportswear and Athletic Knit...as well as top brands like, CCM, Nike, New Balance, Under Armour, Oakley, Puma, Calvin Klein, Calaway and Eddie Bauer.

    CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO on custom jersey ideas.


    Whether you need practice spares, additions to your current jerseys, or hungry for some new unis...we can help.

    • New, fully customized team sets.
    • Custom sublimation.
    • Knit, sewn, and sublimated socks.
    • Adding to your existing jerseys.
    • Team jackets, hoodies and apparel.


      Everything from hats and golf shirts, to hoodies and dress shirts.

      Forgive me for saying this but...We've got you covered !

      Custom Sublimation

      We offer totally customized sublimated jerseys as an option. Sublimation is a smart and cost effective option when you want a particular or specific look.

      Designs, colors and striping that stock jerseys sometimes just can't match. Sublimation is also a great solution when there are multiple applications needed. Stitched names/name bars, sleeve numbers, patches and sponsor logos can add up. Oh...Sublimated jerseys are also cool and comfortable, and long lasting, and the colors won't run or fade on you either.