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A growing collection of videos referencing and highlighting the products and services Hi Impact Sports offers.  


Gotta be honest. This is our specialty. I have been custom framing and making jersey boxes for over 15 years. Here are just a handful of masterpieces I have been lucky enough to create for my customers.

First...Lets talk about HOW to hang a jersey box or picture securely and correctly.


Please, don't be shy. Come witness the #1 impact protection product in the world. You can see more of it here.



A few videos walking through the various options for jersey styles, logos, name and number combos, sublimation options, and more. We create LOTS of custom team uniforms and apparel.



If you haven't heard of Osteostrong, you soon will. OsteoStrong is a natural way to trigger your own adaptive responses to improve bone density and physical strength! It’s the no sweat and no soreness, once a week system that only takes about 7 minutes per session. Over 25,000 people have seen amazing results and growing. Supporting scientific data and countless personal testimonies are making OsteoStrong® the best choice for strong bones, muscles, and balance in the world. experience the low-cost, simple way to activate your personal adaptive responses to give you what was thought to be only possible through hours in the gym every week.