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Welcome to the next generation of polymer protection technology. 

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Proven Technology for Next-Level Protection

Our state-of-the-art, proprietary PolyShields™ stem from years of rigorous research, development and testing in pursuit of creating the most reliable solutions available. Rather than gels, foams and other bulkier, heavier, less-effective materials, we’ve harnessed the power of a viscoelastic polymer to provide the ultimate protection. Our unique formula safeguards the body while actually improving physical and mental performance, so athletes and high-risk professionals can work or play harder, faster and smarter.

How It Works: Soft at Rest, Hard Upon Impact

Our secret lies in the science. Before the PolyShields take a hit, they’re soft and flexible; molded to the body for enhanced mobility and comfort. Then comes a tackle, fall or attack — and it’s go time! The molecules stiffen and dissipate up to 80% of energy upon impact, creating a durable solid that protects against intense pressure. It then returns to its original state and is ready for impact once again.


Proven Protection for Every Athlete

We Brought Our A-Game So You Can Bring Yours

Enough talk — let’s get into the numbers. Our trade-secret technology keeps athletes in the game both physically and mentally, so teams can enjoy bigger wins with healthier players. We don’t just outperform industry leaders in terms of safety — we dominate them. Independent testing validates significant performance advantages, reducing force transferred to the body:

Shoulder PolyShields:
• 45% better than Nike
• 40% better than Under Armour

Rib PolyShields:
• 43% better than McDavid
• 42% better than Schutt


The Physics of Force

Let’s take it back to science class. Isaac Newton’s law of inertia states, “An object at motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.”


The object could be an athlete running down the field, and the unbalanced force could be another player trying to stop them. Or, the object in motion could be a bullet charging at your body, and the unbalanced force could be a Ballistic Chest Shield.


In any application, PolyShields allow greater potential for force. Force is mass multiplied by acceleration, and with the right protection, high-risk athletes and professionals feel confident to accelerate their mass 100%. Therefore, they will apply more force to every collision.

MAXIMIZING MOMENTUM - Momentum is mass multiplied by velocity. The heavier and quicker the  object in motion over time, the greater the momentum — and the greater your mental and physical momentum, the greater your opportunity for success.

Evidence-Based Innovation, Developed with Experts

Before we became a world leader in the use of protective polymers, a team of scientists poured years of research and development into finding a unique solution that surpassed all others.

Versatile and functional, our proprietary PolyShield formula has myriad applications, from sports and industrial protection to military and medical safeguarding. Unlike traditional padding, it can take on many shapes and sizes — and can even be welded or stitched onto garments.

PolyShields are a form-fitting solution that provides extra protection without impacting mobility or comfort. They maintain a free-flowing state at rest, then trigger a molecular response upon impact that’s exponentially proportional to the amount of energy applied.

Why Trust Zoombang’s PolyShields™?


 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about garment care, custom solutions, compliance and more.

What makes PolyShields better than traditional foams and gels?

No other gear on the planet offers the same level of protection PolyShields provide. Our unique viscoelastic polymer underwent years of scientific testing and development before we found a precise formula that made it the proprietary, patented solution it is today. Here are a few key differentiators between PolyShields and traditional foams and gels:

  • PolyShields dissipate up to 90% of energy upon impact – that’s 40% more than any of our competitors.
  • Our gear is reusable, weatherproof and machine washable, eliminating the need for costly replacements.
  • Gels and foams can be up to three inches thick — our solution is just 1/4-inch thick.
  • PolyShields can be worn comfortably under any jersey, uniform or tactical vest, while other brands only fit under certain apparel.

Is my gear reusable even after a strong impact?

Yes. PolyShields are built to withstand everything from armor-piercing ammo and attacks to athletic tackles, falls and hits. It is soft and fluid-like at rest, but immediately stiffens into a durable solid the second it takes an impact. Then, it returns to its original state for optimal comfort and mobility.

Why does my Zoombang garment feel heavier than other protective apparel?

When you first unbag your product, you may notice it feels a bit heavier than the protective gear you’re used to. PolyShields’ viscoelastic polymer is inherently denser than gel or foam, but it also repels moisture better and provides superior protection so you exert less energy.

In other words, you won’t have to wear your sweat. The gear won’t take on a single ounce as you perform or play. And despite its slightly heavier weight, it’s also much thinner and more flexible than competitor products.

How do I care for my gear?

Care is easy. Just toss it in the washer on cold, then let it air dry. Do not bleach or machine dry. Failure to follow these instructions may result in deterioration of the garment.
Your warranty will be voided if these instructions are not followed. Contact us for warranty.

Is Zoombang available in any retail store?

Zoombang is not currently available for purchase at any retail stores. However, partner brands like Marshawn Lynch’s BEAST MODE® use PolyShields in their products. You can find his apparel line at Hibbett Sports stores nationwide.

All other Zoombang products are available here. Hi Impact Sports is an authorized distributor of Zoombang gear.