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Elsa’s Footski ice hockey technical sock

from the site:


Elsa’s Footski ice hockey technical sock – ‘Built for the toughness of ice hockey but comfortable in any boot!’

The Elsa’s Footski was designed with comfort and performance in mind. Thinking about the design of modern skates and thinking about while they are the lightest they have ever been, still people suffer for aches, pains and fatigue which can make the feet uncomfortable in the skates after long periods of use. Tested by players, goalies, coaches and on-ice officials, we are proud to have a product that so many people love.

Modern skates, due to their nature, cannot hold moisture. They are not breathable like other sports footwear is and this causes issues with increasing discomfort and friction within a skate when in use. The Footski helps to tackle all the causes of discomfort and friction by using wicking fabrics and design, as well as targeted padding to help comfort and when you are not thinking about your feet naturally your performance will increase. As the sweat cannot leave the skate it is held in the outside layer away from the skin. The elastic integration stops the sock from gathering in the skate and also compresses the foot helping to reduce fatigue and aids recovery.

sizes 40-41 to 46-47 (7-8 to 12-13)

* personal note...they were a little too thick for me personally

...but being able to wear them around the house...amazing.