ZOOMBANG - Integrated Shirt
ZOOMBANG - Integrated Shirt
ZOOMBANG - Integrated Shirt

ZOOMBANG - Integrated Shirt

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Integrated Shirt – Men’s

4 polyshield shirt with protection on the ribs and clavicle/shoulder.

Our Integrated Shirt proactively reduces the potential for injury while actually improving performance, enhancing athleticism and accelerating recovery. With world-class protection strategically placed over the shoulders and across the lower ribs, our proprietary PolyShields dissipate up to 90% of impact, reducing blunt force transferred to the body 40% more than our competitors.

Gain the confidence to give your all to the game, knowing your body is safeguarded by the most flexible, lightweight and powerful protective gear on the planet.

  • Helps reduce risk of injury for trapezius muscles, clavicles and lower ribs
  • Machine-washable, long-lasting and weather-resistant
  • Works in conjunction with any jersey or uniform
  • Breathable, flexible, lightweight material

Watch how the raw polymer absorbs energy.